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Every year, St. Petersburg is visited by thousands of various tourists. Undergraduates, teenagers, students, families come. Everyone’s needs are different and, fortunately, Petersburg can offer a hotel to every traveler.

As a rule, hotels are classified by rating – they are assigned from 1 to 5 stars, depending on the living conditions, staff qualifications and the service provided to guests. In Russia, it is customary to assign 3, 4 or 5 stars to hotels. Usually these hotels are located in separate buildings, have their own parking, restaurant, often a SPA center, a swimming pool, a beauty salon.

They can be located in the city center – for example, hotels of world famous chains, and outside the city. In this case, the hotel can be located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, with a cozy restaurant for dining outdoors, renting bicycles, water bikes, and sometimes its own stable or golf course.

The same tourists, who want to feel the spirit of antiquity, but do not have the opportunity to pay dearly for accommodation, mini-hotels are ideal. This accommodation format has become very popular lately. A huge number of mini-hotels and apartments in St. Petersburg are waiting for their guests all year round.

The mini-hotel usually occupies one or several settled apartments in the city center and is managed by an individual or a small company. Location in the heart of the ancient city – their main trump card in competition with cheap apartments, located on the outskirts of the city, in the so-called “Zakadie”. After all, most tourists prefer to admire from the window the spire of the Admiralty, spans of divorced bridges – and not the former cabbage field, turned into a parking lot at the anthill.

In addition, while living in the historical center of the city, travelers do not spend valuable vacation time on the road – almost all the attractions of the city are within walking distance.

Currently in St. Petersburg there are about 650 hotels of the level of 2-5 stars. This statistic does not include mini-hotels and apartments – apartments located in modern houses, equipped with all necessary furniture and kitchen. Their difference from the apartments is that it is a commercial real estate, designed specifically for rental.

About 280 hotels are located in the central area of ​​the city. In the immediate vicinity of the Hermitage there are about 65 accommodation facilities, 35 of them have a level of 2-5 stars.

On Nevsky Prospect, 270 hotels will open their doors to the tourist, 130 of them are classified from 2 to 5 stars.

At the Moscow station you can get in 130 hotels, 45 of them correspond to the level of 2-5 stars.

Our video reviews will help you choose a decent accommodation – they will help you navigate the huge number of offers and be pleased with your vacation in St. Petersburg, remember the days spent in the center of a great and beautiful city with a smile.

How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in the center?

In August 2018, one night spent in a 2-star hotel will cost from $ 13 to $ 50 per person, subject to accommodation in a double room.

A 3 star hotel will cost from $ 15 to $ 100 per person per day.

Hotel 4 stars – from 50 to 130 dollars per person per day.

Hotel 5 stars – from 100 to 700 dollars per person per day.

“Council for tourism” offers the best prices for you accommodation as we have direct contracts with many of city hotels.

Just send us a request and we will find the best deal for you.

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